Lisianthus Plant Plugs – 15 plugs for $30.00

We’ve received our Lisianthus plugs and have some extra to share for pick-up in Carlisle! We’ll be offering them in multiples of 15 for $30.

You can either email me at or call me at 774.432.5969.

Just remember that plugs mean little plant babies (they come in the 200 count cell tray). Also, we’re unable to ship so they’ll have to be picked up in Carlisle, MA. We’re receiving Voyage, Arena and a Grower’s Mix (all varieties), in a mix of colors. This means you’ll be receiving a mix of that.

We’re so looking forward to our Lisianthus this year at the farm and cannot wait to have this special flower grown at home.  Having so many lovely, fresh local blooms mean gorgeous arrangements and bouquets. Although Lisianthus has definitely gained popularity over the last several years, we’d love for this flower to take center stage.

Lisianthus’ lush petals and romantic spray make it a gorgeous choice for event work. In fact, their appearance is similar to a rose, but is far less fussy, and favors a more natural, garden style. On top of this, Lisianthus are super hardy, meaning they’ll be fresh and vibrant for a long time.  They work well in arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, floral crowns and the like.

We’d love to create your florals with these special flowers, whether it be for a wedding celebration or other event. We can’t wait for you to experience the incredible difference of local, fresh flowers!