Floral Centerpiece

Small Centerpiece

Large Centerpiece



Our centerpieces feature flowers grown at Sparrow Lane and the other local flower farms surrounding us. Each creation features seasonal blooms and foliage. Choose between three different color palettes:

soft & muted – neutrals, creams and whites with textured foliage

romantic – moody shades of burgundy, blush, plums, violets and  bronze

vibrant & colorful – citrus shades with vibrant berry tones or sunset colors based on the season

Specific colors and florals are subject to seasonal availability and overall design.

small centerpieces – sized for a 3′- 4′ round table, 2 smalls for a 6′ – 8′ banquet table

large centerpieces – sized for a 5′ – 6′ round table,  or for a 6′ – 8′ banquet table