Timeless Boston Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Boston is a city steeped in history and tradition, making it a beautiful and meaningful location for a wedding. In this blog, we will explore some traditional Boston wedding ideas to help you plan your special day, and create a story that truly reflects you as a couple and what Boston means to you.

Boston Bride and Groom Outside Faneuil Hall, Executing their Boston Wedding Ideas

Classic Boston Venues

Boston has a variety of wedding venues to choose from when trying to determine what feels right for your special day. Whether you want to go with historic hotels, elegant ballrooms, or iconic landmarks like Fenway Park and Faneuil Hall. These venues provide a timeless and meaningful backdrop for your ceremony and reception. This first aspect truly creates the foundation for your event.

Incorporate Local Cuisine

Boston is known for its delicious seafood and classic New England dishes. Consider incorporating local cuisine into your wedding menu, such as lobster rolls or clam chowder. You could also serve a signature cocktail made with locally distilled spirits. With the local food movement stronger than ever, this is the perfect time to elevate your event with locally sourced produce from a New England farm. This keeps your menu relevant and seasonal. Make sure to note this on your menu for guests, this will highlight what is meaningful to you as a couple.

Traditional Bostonian Attire

For a traditional Boston wedding, consider incorporating elements of classic New England style into your attire. The groom and groomsmen could wear navy blazers with khaki pants, or socks with a New England motif and design. We love when bridesmaids wear prints, this would be one instance to showcase a preppy New England vibe. The bride could wear a classic white gown with lace details or a pearl necklace. 

Historical Wedding Traditions

Rich in history, Boston traditions can be incorporated into all aspects of the wedding. Exchange a "Boston kiss,"  where the couple kisses over their necks like two swans, which is said to bring good luck. You could also incorporate a colonial-style cake, made with ingredients like molasses and ginger. Another of our favorites is to incorporate a traditional Boston wedding gift such as Nantucket basket jewelry or converse sneakers to wear at the after party.

Boston Themed Tablescapes

Guests love to be drawn into a couple's story, especially when its centered around a city such as Boston. We've curated a collection of wedding rental items that truly speak to Boston as a city. Include table numbers, centerpieces and accent decor on the tablescape that further tells your love story.


Boston offers a wealth of traditional wedding ideas, adding a meaningful and unique element to your special day. From classic venues to local cuisine and gifts, there are endless ways to create a wedding full of Bostonian charm.