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Stunning Decor Rentals in Springfield from Sparrow Lane

If you need decorations for your next event come see what we have to offer. Much like Springfield, our rentals cater to a classic look with a natural aesthetic. We hope you find pieces you love for your upcoming celebration.

Champagne bar with decor rentals for wedding Massachusetts, New England

Centerpieces & Accents

Perfect for a classic Springfield event these decorations can be used to take the place of the flower arrangements or used alongside florals.

Mixing in different mediums throughout the tables will create a unique tablescape that speaks to your personal style. This is an affordable way to elevate your tablescape.

centerpieces & accents decor


Our lighting collection of lanterns, candlesticks and votives provides you with a truly unique tablescape. Illuminate your tables with these incredible pieces!

With many events occuring in places where open flames are not allowed we've battery lighting is a great option for your night. This is also perfect for outdoor events that are windy.

lighting decor
Eclectice Tablescape with Various Lanterns and Votives for a Springfield, Massachusetts Tablescape

Looking for Table Top Pieces in Springfield?

Serving Springfield with the very best decor, Sparrow Lane can take care of all your tabletop event rental needs. We're proud to provide you with rental items you'll love and service that is unmatched. Look no further than Sparrow Lane for your party needs.

Delivery (Drop Off And Pickup)

Springfield, MA

delivery charge will be based on mileage, time frame, and other event factors

Need More Tablewares?

come take a look at all we have to offer for your next tablescape at your event


Events with Table and Chair Needs

Furniture Rentals

Unfortunately we do not rent chairs and tables at this time. We're happy to refer a local vendor who can supply these for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's your most popular event item? - Currently clients love to decorate with our candlesticks. This creates beautiful ambience for your event and visual interest on the table. We have a selection of vintage candlesticks in crystal and brass that can be used with dripless wax tapers, or you can rent our battery tapers with a truly realistic flame. This makes for a great presentation with the varying heights. A Cape Cod top wedding item.
  2. Will there be enough time to repurpose a wedding rental during my big day? - Yes, if there's decor pieces such as lanterns you'd like to use for lighting at both the ceremony and reception coordinate this with your planner or event coordinator at the venue. Another option is to enlist a close friend or family member with a written plan that you can provide them with.
  3. Will you deliver and pickup at a private residence / home, hotels and other venues? - Yes, we provide delivery to all these types of locations. You will just need to meet a rental minimum. The minimum is based on location and will be specified in the quote. For Cape Cod, Massachusetts the minimum is $250.
  4. What happens if an item is missing or damaged during your party? - Sparrow Lane collects a 5% damage waiver to cover incidental loss and damage, however if the replacement cost exceeds the waiver the client is charged an additional fee to cover the difference.
  5. Do you include taxes and service fees in your quote? - Yes, once you request a quote within 24 hours you will receive a quote back with taxes and applicable service charges. Other service fees may be assesed in unforseen circumstances that arise at events.
  6. What is your rental period? - For one day events we charge a flat rate. Delivery will be 1-2 days prior and pickup 1-2 days after.
  7. What happens if an item is unavailable for your date unexpectedly? - If something unforeseen was to happen and an item was unavailable for your scheduled date we will work with the client to help find the most suitable replacement possible.
  8. Do you help clients with budgeting when planning their event? - We're always happy to help create a quote that works for clients and is within their budget.
  9. Will you source products if I am looking for something spoecific? - Yes, we're happy to source something special for you at a fair price. Just send us a photo. We can't satisfy all requests, but will attempt this through our wholesale vendors.
  10. Do you design tablescapes for an event? - Although we do not do a formal design, we will certainly work with you to create a mock up for what you are envisioning. We can also make recommendations in terms of sizing and placement of pieces, and provide photos to give you a sense for rental items used in past events.
  11. When it comes to weddings, why shouldn't I just buy the decorations? - Smaller weddings may benefit from buying pieces, but when it comes to a larger guest count it's often more cost effective to rent. Another thing to consider is the time it takes to prepare all these items in the months prior to your celebration. Most often stickers need to come off, and the products must be unpacked and cleaned. One instance when buying would be beneficial is if your design required a specific item that could not be sourced. In these cases make sure you prepare everything ahead of time.
  12. What are your gold frames used for? - With many different sizes you can use our frames for photos, numbers for your tables or any kind of sign you want to use during your event.