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Sparrow Lane Delivers Beautiful Silverware

When you need silverware for your next party Sparrow Lane has just what you're looking for. Our tableware reflects much of what we love about Worcester: classic traditions with a natural aesthetic.

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Modern Stainless Silverware

With seamless, contemporary lines and a polished silver finish this table setting is a beautiful upgrade from a standard business.

This versatile modern setting can be set for many different occasions including birthday parties, graduation celebrations, dinner parties, banquets and much more. The Modern Stainless collection also comes at an affordable price.


Matte Gold Silverware

With a gorgeous matte finish that has a wonderful natural lustre and well crafted pattern our Baguette collection is the perfect choice for special occasions. Whether your celebrating a milestone birthday, wedding or other celebration choose this pattern to upgrade your setting. If you also want a charger at the table the Gold Rimmed looks perfect with this finish.

Matte Gold Silverware
Matte Gold Flatware with Gold Rimmed Charger at Place Setting for Event in Worcester, MA
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Forged Gold Silverware

This place setting will stand out and shine. We love the Forged Gold setting for its polished gold finish, as it truly transforms the look and feel of the event.

If you're planning a luxury wedding or looking to elevate another type of party this is a great choice.


Forged Rose Gold Silverware

Make a statement with your table settings and indulge in the luxurious appeal of our rose gold flatware. It looks truly lovely on so many types of linens.

Add a touch of glamour and elegance, creating a visually stunning tablescape that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Rose Gold Flatware Rentals Sparrow Lane
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Vintage Silverplate

Our Vintage Silverplate is unlike any other setting you'll find. With beautiful detailing, our carefully curated collection will look gorgeous on your tabletop.

Mixing the vintage silverplate sets creates an eclectic look, that brings interest and visual appeal to the tablescape. Rent this with our etched collection.


Tableware At It's Best

Sparrow Lane ensures you have the very best cutlery in Worcester. With every delivery we’re confident that you'll be impressed with our rental pieces and the help we provide along the way.

Flatware Collection

Delivery (Drop Off & Pickup)

Worcester, MA

delivery charge will be based on mileage, time frame, and other event factors

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I choose the pieces of cutlery I need in a setting? - Only choose the pieces that your guests will need to use during your event.

2. Will you deliver and pickup equipment? - Sparrow Lane provides delivery and pickup for orders with equipment that meets our minimum. This is based on location.

3. What number of servingware pieces should I order for my anticipated guest count? - Allow for additional pieces on top of your count (often times there are unexpected arrivals or the need to swap out some pieces over the course of the day). We can help you estimate a number with all the details.

4. Does servingware need to be cleaned before they are returned? - No, we just ask that equipment is wiped mostly free of food.

5. Do you help with planning within a budget? - We're here to help make the most of your budget and create a plan that makes sense financially for your event. We list out all chargers so there is transparent pricing, while catering to all your needs.

6. How long do I have the party equipment for? - If your event is over the course of one day we charge a flat fee. Typically equipment delivery occurs 24-48 hours prior to the select date and pickup is 24-48 hours after.