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Gorgeous Linen Rentals

When you need linen for a party or event Sparrow Lane has exactly what you are looking for. We have napkins, runners and tablecloths to fit many different occasions. Our linen represents much of what we love about Cape Cod: classic sophistication rooted in tradition. We hope you find rental pieces you love for your next Cape Cod event.

tablescape with globe and cotton blend linen at venue in new england

Cotton Blend

This simple tablecloth is soft, looks great on the table and comes in a wide range of colors. 

Cotton blend linen can be dressed up or dressed down, making them a great choice for any occasion. Consider them for birthday parties, showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs or weddings. This linen also comes at a great price.

Cotton Blend


Our hemstitch linen is a great choice for those that prefer something natural with a bespoke hemstitch finish. This linen feels wonderful to the touch and the stitching makes for a great presentation.

This linen comes in the form of napkins and runners. Making it a beautiful addition to your elevated event in Cape Cod.

Hemstitch Linen
autumn tablescape with rosewood hemstitch linen napkin boston
coral textured linen rentals with colorful tablescape greater Boston, Massachusetts

Textured Blend

This textured linen is perfect for those that would like an elevated tablescape. The linen comes in lovely color choices that go beyond your standard options.

This linen has a texture lends a sophisticated and decorative feel, elevating your tablescape.

Textured Blend

Faux Dupioni Silk

We love using this linen in more formal settings such as ballrooms. It gives a soft, beautiful texture to the tabletop, looking airy and elegant. This is a perfect cloth for luxury weddings in Cape Cod.

It's somewhat shiny, iridescent quality, along with intentional irregularities create the look of real dupioni silk.

Faux Dupioni Silk
Wedding reception with dupioni silk linen rentals Massachusetts
Linen Wedding Rentals Service at Cape Cod


If you have a more rustic, casual event in mind these napkins and runners are perfect. This natural stone washed linen has a unique soft texture.

The natural color works well more muted and neutral color palates. Giving the event an organic, natural feel.

Flax Linen

Cape Cod Linen Rental

Sparrow Lane provides the very best linen rentals in Cape Cod. With every delivery we’re confident that you will be impressed with the condition and look of our napkins, runners and tablecloths. With so many fabrics and options choose Sparrow Lane to provide your Cape Cod linen rentals for your next party.


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Delivery (Drop Off & Pickup)

Cape Cod, MA

delivery charge will be based on mileage, time frame, and other event factors

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will you deliver and pickup the products? - Sparrow Lane provides delivery and pickup for party rental items as long as you meet the minimum.
  2. What happens if there is minor damage to the party equipment? - Sparrow Lane collects a 5% damage waiver to cover the typical wear and tear to equipment rentals. As long as the damage does not exceed the amount collected for the damage waiver this will be covered.
  3. How long is the rental period? - For one day events we charge a flat rate for the rental period, with delivery 1-2 days prior and pickup 1-2 days after. We are able work around your event needs, so just let us know in advance what the requirements are for your wedding venue.
  4. What is the right number of servingware pieces to get for the amount of guests I have? - You'll want to have extras on top of your numbers in case of breakage or need for replacement during the event. For help with this number call Sparrow Lane.
  5. What if I have a specific budget for rental equipment? - We can certainly create a quote around your budget and work with what you would like to have.