Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals - The New Rustic

Tented outdoor wedding with rustic wedding rentals at Willowdale Estate just outside Boston, MA

Rustic weddings have been increasingly popular over the years. More recently they have taken on a more sophisticated  undertone moving away from burlap and mason jars. Now couples are looking to create a more unique atmosphere on their wedding day. If you're planning a rustic wedding around Boston, Massachusetts, finding the right rentals is crucial to bringing your wedding day vision to life. In this article, we will explore the best rustic wedding rentals in Boston

The New Ambience of Rustic Weddings and Types of Rustic Wedding Rentals


Brides and grooms now have a different take on rustic weddings. Instead of thinking about decorating in a certain way, a rustic wedding means so much more. To start, think about location. This could be outdoors on a mountainside or ranch, or indoors at a vineyard or warehouse. Regardless you’ll want to think about incorporating less formal rentals on location such as farm tables, benches and wedding arches.

Color Palette

Different color palettes also play on this idea. Sage green and rust orange strike a rich tone that often is reflected in nature. Golds and lavender are another possible idea that reveals a more elegant and whimsical side to a rustic feel. Before choosing your linen rentals consider mixing up the types and sizes of tables that you’ll have at the reception. Creating this type of variety will make for a more unique ambience. 


Adding florals and greenery to the decor through aspects other than centerpieces feed on this look. Also consider adding a less traditional tablescape rental to the decor. Light your tables with lanterns or candlesticks,  and always think about layering linens and other decor accents to the tablescape. This creates a rich story and anchors the event. If you're looking for rental pieces to create this look visit us at Sparrow Lane Boston Wedding Rentals to find out more about what we have to offer.

Where to Find Rustic Wedding Rentals in Boston

Finding the right rustic wedding rentals in Boston can be difficult, so we’ve mentioned a few of our favorites here. First we have to mention Sparrow Lane, as we’ll help create a rustic tablescape that you’ll truly love. Next consider Bay State Party and Tent for your furniture needs such as tables, chairs and other seating options.

Cost of Rustic Wedding Rentals in Boston

The cost of rustic wedding rentals in Boston can vary depending on the rental company and the items you choose. An average spend runs between $2,500 and $4,000 on wedding rentals.This cost does not include the venue, which can be a significant expense for couples.

Creating Your Dream Rustic Wedding in Boston

When planning a rustic wedding in and around Boston, it's important to consider all the rental items you will need to bring your vision to life. Creating a cohesive theme that incorporates rustic furniture, vintage decor, and warm lighting will create a charming and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Work with a rental company like Sparrow Lane that understands your vision and can provide you with the best rustic wedding rentals to make your dream wedding come true.