Expert Insights: Decoding the Average Cost of Wedding Rentals in Boston

Planning a wedding can be financially stressful, and one of those significant expenses as a couple are wedding rentals. From the chairs and tables, to the decor, there are so many choices too add your own personal style and aesthetic to your big day. In Boston, Massachusetts, the average cost of wedding rentals can vary depending on several factors. Here we will explore the average cost of wedding rentals in Boston and what factors impact the overall cost.
State Room party with cotton blend linen overlooking Boston Harbor waterfront

Venue Factors that Increase the Average Cost of Wedding Rentals in Boston

The requirements of the venue is one aspect that will play a role in the additional charges a rental company will assess. This has to do with many factors, one being the delivery windows for drop off and pickup. Rental companies typically require a minimum window of 3-4 hours for delivery. If a tighter time frame is needed, where there is less flexibility this will often incur an additional charge. Along this line if delivery needs to happen outside of typical hours, such as late in the evening, or very early in the morning, additional charges apply.
Related to the venue location, often times events that occur in the proper city of Boston will be more costly. This can be related related to access issues and the difficulty of loading and unloading items. Or if your event location requires shared elevators or stairs.

Guest Factors that Contribute to Higher Wedding Rental Costs 

The number of guests is one of the biggest factor, with more guests requiring more chairs, tables, decor, and other rental items. Consider seating more guests per table if you’re concerned about rental costs as this will cut down on the numbers of different items.

Average Cost of Wedding Rentals in Boston

According to data from, the average cost of wedding rentals in Boston ranges from $2,500 to $4,000. This cost includes rental items such as tables, chairs, linens, lighting, and decor. Ways that you can avoid paying higher rental costs is picking a venue that has chairs and tables included that you like for your wedding. Or upgrading certain pieces of tabletop items. 
Several factors can impact the average cost of wedding rentals in Boston. Consider several wedding rental vendors prior to committing to rentals. We'd love for you to see more of what Sparrow Lane can offer for your Boston Wedding Rentals. Oftentimes smaller rental companies may have a more limited selection, but charge lower prices. This may mean working with a couple rental vendors, however this can be well worth it.