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Sparrow Lane is Here to Provide You with High Quality, Well Cared for Flatware

When you need silverware for your next event Sparrow Lane has exactly what you are looking for. We have flatware to fit many different occasions. We hope you find flatware you love.

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Modern Stainless Silverware

If you are looking for a simple, modern set of flatware, our Modern stainless steel collection is the perfect fit for your dinner. With sleek modern lines and a polished silver finish this table setting will look great at any event. 

Consider renting this versatile setting for a birthday, shower, anniversary, bar mitzvah or corporate event. With the weight and feel of a high quality place setting, this flatware rental also comes at a great price.


Matte Gold Flatware

With a gorgeous matte finish and beautifully patterned setting this Baguette Matte Gold flatware is sure to make a gorgeous statement at your table. This setting also includes a steak knife. From more formal affairs such as weddings and galas to milestone birthdays, use this flatware to create a special tablescape.

Matte Gold Flatware
Matte Gold Flatware set with Gold Rimmed Charger at Event in Providence., Rhode Island
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Forged Gold Flatware

Our Forged Gold is a favorite among brides and grooms alike at wedding receptions. The polished gold finish really makes place settings pop. Adding this flatware will truly transform the look and feel of the event.

Well polished and cared for, our gold flatware rentals look perfect every single time. The gold color matches well with many different shades of gold and the design styling gives a sense of luxury for more formal settings. Rent our Forged Gold as a beautiful upgrade.


Forged Rose Gold Cutlery

Make a statement with your table settings and indulge in the luxury of our Rose Gold flatware setting. This polished rose gold has contemporary and elegant appearance. The perfect choice for a special dinner with all the details.

Add a touch of glamour and create a visually stunning tablescape that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Choose from a variety of fork, knife and spoon options.

Rose Gold Flatware Rentals Sparrow Lane
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Vintage Silverplate

Vintage Silverplate is one of our personal favorites. The unique and gorgeous patterns are unlike anything you will see in the stores today. We’ve curated a unique set of pieces for our vintage flatware rental. We ensure that each piece is polished and without noticeable wear. Bringing a sense of nostalgia to your party, there is no better flatware choice for celebrating milestones.

As we collect the flatware over time we mix the vintage silverplate sets so that there are many patterns featured in each place setting. The effect of this is a brilliant, eclectic feast for your eyes. At the same time this flatware remains formal and elegant, a beautiful statement for your meal.


Tableware in Rhode Island

Sparrow Lane provides the very best cutlery and unmatched flatware party services. With every delivery we’re confident that you will be impressed with the condition of our flatware, and so happy with the pristine and polished look of our pieces. Choose Sparrow Lane for your flatware needs.


Delivery (Drop Off & Pickup)

Providence, RI

delivery charge will be based on mileage, time frame, and other factors

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Come take a look and view what we have to offer for tabletop event rentals. Our inventory includes everything you'll need to set your tablescape with style for your next party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I choose the flatware pieces I need in a setting? - Only choose the flatware pieces that your guests will need to use during your event.
  2. Will you deliver and pickup items? - Sparrow Lane provides delivery and pickup for orders that meet our minimum. This is based on location.
  3. What number of servingware pieces should I order for my anticipated guest count? - Allow for additional pieces on top of your count (often times there are unexpected arrivals or the need to swap out a few pieces over the course of the day). We can help you estimate a number, call us and we'll discuss your individual needs.
  4. Does servingware need to be cleaned before they are returned? - No, we just ask that flatware is wiped mostly free of food.
  5. Do you help with planning within a budget? - We're here to help make the most of your budget and create a plan that makes sense financially for your event.
  6. How long do I have the products for? - If your event is over the course of one day we charge a flat fee. Typically delivery occurs 24-48 hours prior to the select date and pickup is 24-48 hours after.