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Gorgeous Glassware for your next celebration

When you need to rent glassware for an event Sparrow Lane has exactly what you are looking for. Our collection represents much of what we love about Rhode Island: classic sophistication rooted in tradition. We hope you find pieces you love for your next celebration.

Classic Glassware Rentals New Hampshire and Rhode Island

Classic Barware

If you are looking for a simple, traditional set of glassware consider our Classic glassware. With clean lines and a timeless sense of style this versatile set works well with many different styles. Whether you'll be under tents in the back of your yard or in a more formal setting.

Choose exactly what you need to celebrate the next birthday, shower, anniversary, bar mitzvah or wedding. We have a selection suiting all your different beverage choices, the Classic glassware also comes at a great price.


Reserve Stemware

Our Reserve wine glassware is a favorite among brides and grooms alike at wedding receptions. The tall slender stems and large thin bowls truly make a tablescape look elegant. Adding this Boston glassware to a table setting creates a sophisticated sparkle.

Clear and spotless, these wine glasses perfect every single time. For red wine, white wines, and champagne this styling gives a sense of luxury for more formal dinner settings.

Reserved Glassware Rental Service in New Hampshire and Rhode Island
Glassware Chargerplate and Decor Rentals at Portsmouth New Hampshire and Rhode Island

Etched Glass

Our Etched glass is a personal favorite. The etched design have a natural feel with vines and floral motifs. The vintage silhouettes of the goblet and wine glass give a more elegant, timeless feel with the tulip shaped bowls.

Renting this glassware for your next event will create a sense of nostalgia for your tablescape. Add a glass to your table setting, creating a sense of romance.


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Sparrow Lane provides the very best glassware in RI. Whether you're looking for stemware and wine glasses or simple barware.

With every delivery we’re confident that you will be impressed with the condition of our glasses, and so happy with the crystal clear and spotless look of our glass.


Delivery (Drop Off & Pickup)

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delivery charge will be based on mileage, time frame and other event factors

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will you deliver and pickup the equipment? - Sparrow Lane provides delivery and pickup for party rental items as long as you meet the minimum.
  2. What happens if there is minor damage to an item? - Sparrow Lane collects a 5% damage waiver to cover the typical wear and tear to equipment rentals. As long as the damage does not exceed the amount collected for the damage waiver this will be covered.
  3. How long is the rental period? - For one day events we charge a flat rate for the rental period, with delivery 1-2 days prior and pickup 1-2 days after. We are able work around your event needs, so just let us know in advance what the requirements are for your wedding venue.
  4. What is the right amount of servingware pieces to get for the guests I have? - You'll want to have extras on top of your numbers in case of breakage or need for replacement during the event. For help with this call Sparrow Lane and we can check availability.
  5. What if I have a specific budget for rental equipment? - We can certainly create a quick quote around your budget that will list out all the charges so there are no suprises.